Services of NPC

We offer to business entities, persons interested in business and students services and consultancy in the field of protection a commercialization of innovation - industrial property. The scope of provided services cover the entire area - from expert consultations and analyses through the identification and evaluation of subjects of industrial property, preparation of a prior art search and innovation protection strategies, to the ensuring patent protection and development of licensing agreements.


The services of NPC provided within the project "Support the establishment and development of the National Business Center in Slovakia – I. stage"

  • Estimation of commercial potential of innovations
  • Analyses of innovation, including potential applications with a focus on the needs of a customer and market
  • Definition and analyses of markets, competitors and potential suppliers and customers
  • Design and analyses of possible business models
  • Developing an innovation protection strategy
  • Preparation of patents and related applications
    • Preparation of patent applications
    • Preparation of utility models applications
    • Preparation of design applications
    • Preparation of trademark applications
  • Assessment of draft agreements governing the conditions and methods of dealing with innovation
  • Development of licensing agreements and contracts for the sale of innovation
Detailed information on the services and the possibility of their ordering are available only to registered users of the NPC portal. Registration

The services of National Business Center provided free of charge by the Centre for patent information PATLIB at the SCSTI

  • Consultancy in the field of patent and trademark protection
  • Pre-diagnostics of industrial property rights
  • Search services
    • Prior art search
    • Search on competitor activity
    • Search on legal status of the document
    • Search on trademarks
    • Search on designs
  • Search on technology offers and requests


The services of PATLIB Centre can be ordered through a web interface available at the website of the centre: