A priority system functionality is to allow interconnection and interaction between business entities and R&D capacities available on the Slovak scientific and research institutions. Another significant functionality is to support business entities in ensuring the protection and commercialization of industrial property and also in the process management and portfolio management of their industrial property.

NPC IS registers and presents the offer of technologies, services and competencies of research and scientific institutions towards business entities in order to:

  • Effective technology transfer (the results of R&D) in practice
  • Establishment of research and development cooperation
  • Provide expert consultations, analyses, measurements, etc.


The purpose of the system is also the disclosure of requirements of business entities for research and development, where the suppliers / contractors are potentially the subjects from scientific and research community.


Functional parts of  NPC IS


An essential part of the system are the subject profiles – scientific and research institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Profiles contain information useful especially in the process of searching for partners for research, development, commercialization of achieved results and the provision of specialized services (consultancy, expert analyses, etc.).

Despite of the fact that the general focus / mission of scientific and research institutions and SMEs differ, by introducing penetrating descriptive frameworks (classification activities by SK NACE rev.2, keywords, description of realized services and expertise with a focus on the needs of industry) is made available to the users of NPC IS an infrastructure which effectively links the needs and requirements of both types of entities involved.


NPC IS allows you to perform a search for potential partners, management of selected potential partners, as well as networking and recording of cooperation.

Besides to the classical filtering, the system includes also sophisticated automated matching of the profiles and offers / requests of companies and research institutions on the basis of penetrating attributes. The user can choose from potential partners search and save them to the list of potential partners. Partners in the list can not only be added or removed, but it is also possible to register the related information about the current state of cooperation, etc.



The space for publication of offers and requests for cooperation enables:

  • To enter an offer or request
  • To search in the offers and requests by relevant criteria
  • To respond to offers and requests
  • To monitor offers and requests


Management of service requirements

The system includes an online tool for entering and registration of requirements on provided expert support services in the area of protection and commercialization of industrial property. Entering service requirements is made available exclusively to registered users.


Management of Industrial Property

Registered users of NPC IS may also use the separately installable application designed for business entities for the registration and management of industrial property.

It enables the process management of industrial property and commercial evaluation of the registered industrial property, monitoring and management of various attributes of mentioned complex processes and also all available information and documents related to a registered object of industrial property. According to the current decision of the user, it can be connected to the central IS or it can work offline.



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